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Hotchkiss Pianists Dazzle Audience in Benefit Concert at Jiangsu Centre for the Performing Arts

On the evening of March 8, the gleaming new Concert Hall of Jiangsu Centre for the Performing Arts was filled to capacity. A unique public-benefit concert was underway as nearly a thousand piano students and their parents enjoyed the wonderful performance of two leading Brazilian American pianists in one of China’s most outstanding music venues.


Quantum Technologies Shall Set off a New Round of Technolog

I. One billion Euro quantum technology project of the EU triggers global "quantum competition" Since the EU announced the plans to launch a one billion-euro quantum technology project, it has detonated the ignition of global quantum technology. Quantum technology instantly becomes an international hot topic.


Jinan SG Making Strong Debut on NASDAQ Tower

NASDAQ Tower ——the first screen of the world Whilst US is the focus of the world and New York City is the focus of the US, Times Square is the most hustle and bustle hub of the city. With a minimum acreage accounting for a mere 0.1% of New York, Times Square contributes 11% of GDP and 10% of jobs to the city.


WAVE ROBO ADVISOR ‘s successful access to MT5 foreign exchange trading platform

​ Recently, an document issued by the State Council of the People's Republic of China mentioned that China would propose to expand the scale and scope of cross- border use of RMB in provinces and cities. This indicates a bright future of cross- border RMB transactions in Guangdong , Hong Kong and Macao areas.


First Anniversary of Agency of ZazaBaby Child Safety Seats

Celebrate the First Anniversary of the General Agency of ZazaBaby Child Safety Seats in China.Sub-headline: Fuzhou Blazer Trade Co., Ltd. has been the exclusive agent of ZazaBaby Child Safety Seats in China for one year. Fuzhou Blazer Trade Co., Ltd. has been the exclusive agent of ZazaBaby Child Safety Seats in China for one year. The celebration ceremony was held in Fuzhou by Fuzhou Blazer Trade


ZazaBaby Child Safety Seats: Most Popular Award

ZazaBaby Child Safety Seats: “Most Popular Award” in Chinese Seat Industry Sub-headline: China agent of ZazaBaby Child Safety Seats recently won “Most Popular Award” in Chinese seat industry in 2019. The topic of child safety seats seems far away from all of us and is close to us as well. Especially, those who own cars pay more attention to child safety seats.


Aim to be the best OS partner in China for ARM based enterp

From August2 to 4th, ARM Partner Meeting was held in Cambridge, UK. More than thousands of ARM use partners from all of world come to Cambridge to join this big event. Tian Jin Kylin information technology Co. Ltd. (TKC) was invited as the only Enterprise Linux Operating System vendor from China to attend the meeting.


Berbagai Radio dan Solusi PoC dari Hytera Perluas Pilihan Pelanggan untuk Komunikasi di Mana Saja

SHENZHEN, Tiongkok, 19 Februari 2019 ,Teknologi 0 2PoC 0 2kian berkembang pesat selama bertahun-tahun terakhir. Teknologi ini tidak hanya memenuhi kebutuhan pengguna akhir untuk layanan panggilan telepon yang biasa, namun juga memfasilitasi layanan pengiriman gambar, teks, video dan data multimedia lainnya. Penggunaan jaringan publik membuat radio PoC bisa mencapai komunikasi dengan rentang yang l


GPHL and its Gourd Culture

​Abstract: “What is a gourd? Some will say that it is a tool to draw water, some regard it as a totem of good luck, and some others may think it is a tea set...”


WeDoctor BBlink releases global strategy for 2019-2023

Driven by AI and big data technology, and guided by discipline construction, WeDoctor BBlink focuses on human life and genetic science to build the full industry chain of reproductive medicine. The five-year global strategic, based on the "connect the world, serve the Chinese", is committed to build the world's largest Internet reproductive hospital, getting through online and offline medical serv


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