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The paint is composed of epoxy resin, anti-corrosion pigment fillers, dispersants, mixed solvents and polyamide curing agents, and is packaged in components a and b. It has high corrosion resistance, good chemical stability, excellent alkali resistance, salt water resistance, heat resistance, moisture resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance and other properties. It has slightly poor weather resistance and is not suitable for long-term outdoor exposure. Epoxy anticorrosive paint is suitable for the coating and protection of cement walls, fiberglass, rubber, machinery, oil tanks, etc. Coated with epoxy primer or anti-rust primer. It is mainly used for corrosion-resistant coatings, such as large-scale chemical equipment, inner and external wall coating of pipelines, as well as electrical appliances and pipeline instruments used on non-metallic surfaces and wet tropical conditions.

Performance characteristics of epoxy anticorrosive paint:
1. Strong adhesion: Because the composition in the coating reacts with the free bond on the metal surface, a strong chemical bond can be formed, which greatly enhances the adhesion of the coating and expands the adaptability to the substrate. Therefore, the painted paint is very reliable and not easy to fall off.
2. Wear resistance and impact resistance: The paint film of epoxy anticorrosion paint has the characteristics of impact resistance, toughness, wear resistance and bending resistance. It can perform well even in use scenarios that require frequent friction and impact, and is not prone to chapped due to temperature and other factors.
3. Strong corrosion resistance and impermeability: Due to the stable and tight structure and good sealing, it is difficult for corrosive substances to penetrate after curing. Epoxy resin components can make the coating have the characteristics of acid resistance, alkali resistance, water resistance, salt spray resistance, oil resistance and organic solvent resistance. The coating has strong impermeability after curing.
4. Epoxy groups are chemically active and can prepare a variety of anticorrosive coatings. For example, it can be made into solvent-free coatings, high-solid coatings, powder coatings, water-based coatings (the direction of the development of anticorrosive coatings) and other environmentally friendly high-performance coatings.
5. The storage stability is extremely high and the shelf life is long. Without curing agent, epoxy anticorrosive paint will not be cured easily, and can usually be stored for about 2 years.
6. It has good physical and mechanical properties: Stable quality after film formation, rigid and soft coating binding, good wear resistance, high solid content of coating, thick primary film forming, and at the same time, there is no formation of small molecular by-products in the curing process, which will not produce gas. Therefore, it also has the characteristics of small volume shrinkage and low thermal expansion coefficient.
7. Coatings not only have good dielectricity and electrical insulation, but also have excellent moistureproof and waterproof performance and good thermal aging, so they can also be used in the insulation coating of electrical products.
8. Epoxy anticorrosive paint also has certain shortcomings, such as poor weather resistance and easy aging. Long sunshine may cause powdering, so it is recommended to use it indoors or as primers.
9. The construction environment is high. It is generally recommended to use it in an environment above 5°c, and the curing speed of the film is slow in a low-temperature environment.

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